Harihareshwar Beach

Gentle winds blowing, the soothing sound of waves as they come and tickle on your feet, soft sand that embarks your footprints, water that gushes in and washes away those same prints, sun that smiles on your forehead and sea shells that greet you on your path along the shore – truly visiting a beach is one of the pleasurable joys that nature offers us. One such calm, unhampered beach that is inviting ardent beach and mountain lovers is the beach of Harihareshwar.

Harihareshwar is one of the finest places in Konkan, Maharashtra. The beaches at Harihareshwar are clean and calm. The water here is quite shallow and thus, water scooter and speed boat rides can be enjoyed on these beaches.

There are many hotels and resorts in Harihareshwar that have rooms that face this beach. It is quite an exotic feel when one views the beach from the little window in a room of the hotel. In fact, with the view of the beach, one can also hear the sound of the waves in the room. Though there is a bit of blackish sand here and there, the sand is soft and it is a pleasure to walk on these beaches.

The harihareshwar temple can also be visited which is a ten minute walk along the seashore. You can go along and climb the steps of the temple and offer the Pradakshina (religious prayer) along the beach side.

The Srivardhan beach which is near Harihareshwar can also be visited. In fact the Srivardhan beach is better than the Harihareshwar beach.

Spending and idling away on the beach of Harihareshwar is what most visitors prefer. There is no one to disturb, there is no commotion and being a new place, there is hardly any crowd. This lets you enjoy and relax to your fullest.