Hotels in Harihareshwar

Harihareshwar is a great tourist destination that has developed in recent years. Besides being a sacred site Harihareshwar is known for its splendid beaches. The place attracts religious people as well as the adventure seekers. There are many hotels and resorts at Harihareshwar that offer comfortable stay.

For those who want to know how to reach Harihareshwar : –
Harihareshwar is approximately four to five hours away from Mumbai. If you are traveling from Mumbai to Harihareshwar, one needs to take the Mumbai Goa highway and reach Mangoan. Pune to Harihareshwar is approximately 175 kms. After which one needs to take the ghat along way and reach Shrivardhan after which there is a T-junction here and the left goes to Harihareshwar while the right to Shrivardhan. Harihareshwar is approximately 19 kms from this place.

Some of the famous hotels in Harihareshwar are Exotica Beach Resort (Dive Agar), Prathamesh Holiday Resorts (Dive Agar), Woodland Resorts (Dive Agar), Shiv Shanti Holiday Inn (Shriwardhan), Mamacha Gaon (Mundhar, Guhaghar). Apart from this there are other resorts as well.

One of the most sought after resorts is the MTDC Harihareshwar resort. The Harihareshwar resort has 18 rooms in all and hence it is advisable that tourist book their rooms in advance. This resort is situated in such a way that it is surrounded by four hills which makes this resort a beautiful and a scenic place to stay in. The serenity can be experienced even in the rooms. One literally feels at peace with the kind of furnishing and the decoration that the resort has.

The amount or the tariff that one needs to pay per day for rooms in either MTDC resort or other hotel is quite moderate in nature as compared to the comfort and the luxury that one is offered. Usually, the MTDC resort charges approximately Rs. 2000 per room per day. However, it also depends on the kind of room that one chooses to live in.