Things to do in Hari Hareshwar

HarihareshwarTh appears to be a wonderful astonishment with the absolute most serene and delightful shorelines along the Konkan Coast. The adjacent Pushpadri slope and encompassing thick woods just make the shorelines progressively alluring. The name actually converts into the homestead Lord Shiva and the spot expect huge profound and religious significance. Harihareshwar’s old sanctuaries likewise let the guests see an exceptional mix of the Indian and Maratha design

One of the less popular shorelines in Maharashtra, the Harihareshwar shoreline is situated in the Raigad locale. Encompassed by four slopes named Harihareshwar, Harshinachal, Bramhadri, and Pushpadri, Harihareshwar is frequently alluded to as Dev-Ghar or “place of God”. It is generally called as Southern Kashi due to its sanctuary devoted to Lord Shiva. A celebrated shoreline town arranged 200 km from Mumbai, Harihareshwar is a treat for individuals searching for otherworldly help or a shoreline occasion. The spot has a ton of settlement alternatives as per each financial plan and enjoy.

Harihareshwar has two shorelines on either side of Harihareshwar sanctuary, the principle fascination of Harihareshwar separated from the wonderful shoreline. Maharashtra Tourism Development Corporation has likewise settled a shoreline resort on the southern-the majority of the two shorelines. One of these shorelines involves a straight stretch that is about 2.4 km long and lies before the sanctuary, while the second shoreline lies before the MTDC Resort and is L-molded with a stretch of around 2 km. Harihareshwar alongside the two shorelines named as, Shrivardhan and Diveagar Beach, structure a generally well-known end of the week escape, particularly from Pune and Mumbai. Harihareshwar is a famous place of interest in Konkan and is for the most part known for its sanctuary and shorelines. It is an evergreen spot, for example, it very well may be visited whenever during the time because of great climate conditions. It is settled in the lap of the wonderful scope of Sahyadri’s slopes.

How to Reach Harihareshwar Beach By Air:

Nearest is the Mumbai International airport at 210 km terminal. Local flyers can likewise reach Pune via air and after that move to Harihareshwar by street. From Pune, visitors can take the course by means of Chandni Chowk through Tamahini ghats or they can likewise go through Bhor ghat and Mahad to reach Harihareshwar.

Where to stay in Hari Hareshwar:

Harihareshwar shoreline resort is a novel spending lodging in Harihareshwar it is likewise prevalent as “Rohan Hotel” by its old name. Harihareshwar shoreline resort has numerous offices, for example, an eatery is known as “inn harihareshwar”, TV with goodbye sky association, inverters, reinforcement generator and so on. There are 10 selective bungalows with AC and different offices cooled room on the hotel rooftop for the family for a most extreme introduction to the shoreline, sanctuary.

Harihareshwar Beach Resort is the main Hotel in Harihareshwar which has a Licensed Restaurant and bar, Lodging alongside Ample parking spot.

Three hours south of Mumbai, specifically on the coast lies the town of Harihareshwar, in the southern Raigad area of Konkan (South Kashi). Harihareshwar is home to a sixteenth-century Shiva sanctuary in which the managing divinities are the Trimuti: Brahma, Visnu and Mahesh, with Devi Parvati. The Trimurti are spoken to here in linga structure, or “triple linga”. Harihareshwar, found 175 kms. from Pune, was a conspicuous site amid the rule of the Peshwas, and Hari Hareshwar was the family god of the Peshwas, in this way giving it a position of significance in Maratha history. Amid that period, the adjacent Taluka site of Shrivardhan, only north on the coast, was a noteworthy port conveying traffic to Harihareshwar.

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